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  • Inlays for major base damage to shower and bath bases
  • Resurfacing of baths and shower bases
  • Complete clawfoot bath restoration
  • Benchtop resurfacing
  • Leak investigation with cavity camera technology
  • Shower rebuilds
  • Insurance investigation and quotations

Company History

In 2004, Bert Heynen established Plastic Bathroomware Repair Systems Limited, due to a rising demand for quality repairs to plastic bathroomware.

After spending 22 years as a plastics technician and several years as a bathroom installer, he designed a repair system from scratch, which with the help of several overseas companies, has evolved into one of the best and most versatile systems available in the world today.

In 2008 he decided to expand into resurfacing and trained extensively in the USA. As a result he is one of only a handful of tradesmen outside of the USA that is certified in all aspects of resurfacing.
The Bath and Shower Doctor is a member of the Bathtub Refinishing Association of America.

This membership allows access to all the latest information and materials available so that The Bath and Shower Doctor’s customers can be assured they are getting the best products and technology available.

The Bath and Shower Doctor’s latest service is bathtub and shower inlays for repairing damaged baths and shower bases. This product is exclusive to The Bath and Shower Doctor, the only company outside of the USA to supply this product.

All of The Bath and Shower Doctor’s products are designed to give you real cost-effective and money saving alternatives, before you consider buying a replacement bath or shower.