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The Bath and Shower Doctor has a large selection of repair systems to fix the following problems:

  • Repair chips in fiberglass and plastic baths, showers and vanities
  • Repair stains and light scratches in fiberglass and plastic baths, showers and vanities
  • Specialist system to repair damage to porcelain on steel baths
  • Repairs on small or larger cracks and base damage
  • Exclusive inlay system that covers the base of the bath or shower to give a permanent repair

SERVICES Clawfoot Bath RestorationBath and Shower Resurfacing

The Bath and Shower Doctor’s in-home resurfacing service will transform that ugly worn-out or damaged bathtub or shower base back to its former glory, usually in less than one day!

The Bath and Shower Doctor have some of the most up-to-date and technologically advanced systems available, including a new low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) products, that are safer than the traditional products used in this industry.

The Bath and Shower Doctor also offer an anti-slip floor on both baths and showers.

Clawfoot Bath Restoration

The Bath and Shower Doctor’s clawfoot restoration service and results are second-to-none!

Repairs can be done either at your home or at our workshop.

The system used to resurface the inside and the outside of the bathtub, is a textured mulitispec product that produces a stunning result that will last a long time.

Clawfoot bathtubs are now becoming valuable collector’s items. Do not settle for a cheap respray with these valuable collectors pieces, get them done properly and let another generation enjoy them too. There is only one company still producing genuine clawfoot baths and prices start at $10,000.00 – so clawfoot bathtubs are definitely worth spending a little extra money on repairs to get the best result.

Exclusive Bath and Shower Inlays

SERVICES Exclusive Bath & Shower InlaysThe Bath and Shower Doctor’s Inlay system is designed for the PERMANENT replacement of worn or damaged baths or showers.

When a bath or shower bottom is worn, stained, cracked and/or leaking, an inlay can be installed. Even if there is an actual hole in the bottom of your bath or shower. The inlay covers the bottom of the bath or shower, becoming a permanent part of your unit.

It restores your bath or shower to a beautiful and durable surface.

The inlays that are used by The Bath and Shower Doctor, are manufactured in the USA.

The inlay is customised to your unit on-site. The inlay consists of a specially fabricated non-slip mat made of a purpose formulated material.

The base of the bath or shower is repaired and strengthened and then the material is fused onto the existing base with specially formulated glue. This effectively makes the new inlay a permanent part of the base, dramatically increasing the strength of the base.

This is the only way to permanently fix a soft or damaged base. This method has been in use world-wide for over 28 years with great success. Over 100.000 of these units are installed in the USA every year. Now this exclusive product is available through The Bath and Shower Doctor in New Zealand.

Benchtop Resurfacing

The Bath and Shower Doctor has a product range for resurfacing benchtops.

It is most suitable for resurfacing old, worn-out and badly damaged benchtops. The products used are sourced from the USA. They are extremely hard wearing and available in over 40 different colours.

The Bath and Shower Doctor can usually have your bench top finished in one to two days, without all the hassle of getting plumbers etc. involved.

The Bath and Shower Doctor is currently working on a new system with an overseas manufacturer that will be even better than the current system. The new product will allow same day use. This new system will be offered in the first half of 2011.

General Repairs and Maintenance

The Bath and Shower Doctor is able to strip and reseal ugly black mould sealants, general bath room maintenance, reclad or replace a shower if it is beyond repair.

Investigation Work

When a leak appears in your expensive bathroom, often the biggest frustration is to be able to pinpoint the cause of the problem without disassembling the whole bathroom.

The Bath and Shower Doctor uses fiber optic technology to pinpoint the problem by drilling a small hole into which a fiber optic cable is fed. This cable sends back a picture to a small screen, giving a clear picture of the problem. This means that the work that needs to be undertaken with minimal disruption…

This service can save big $$$! No guesswork – just do what needs to be done.

Insurance Work

The Bath and Shower Doctor contracts for insurance companies and will provide insurance quotes.